October News

Eric-and-MichelleA teary eyed student approached me saying she experienced a horrific dream a few years ago that has brought her much fear and grief. She said she saw in a dream that her cousin was shot five times in the chest and died. A few days later her cousin died in the exact same way she dreamed. This explains her terrible fear from the past, but her tears this day were for a different reason. She told me that she recently had another dream about her grandpa dying and she felt that because of her previous experience that this may happen to him. She shared these things with me and then asked, “Mr. Eric what do I do now?” We talked for a while and I mostly listened and then found in this conversation a great opportunity to share the gospel. This young lady who entered tearful and fearful left thankful for a Savior who cares about her dreams, her grandpa and He made a way for her to spend an eternity with Him. Michelle is excited to learn more about her Savior and what it means to love God, love others and make Him known wherever she goes. Please pray for her.

Your prayer and financial support is making a difference in Haiti. We are thankful we have partners like you who join us in petitions and praise. Praise! We are very excited to share with you that our KOFAEL ladies have a new, safe place to meet every month starting this month (October)! KOFAEL has received sponsorships for 3 ladies this month as well! Prayer request: We still need 26 women sponsored (13 at $250 and 13 at $150). One time sponsorships are urgently needed for these women at this time. We currently cannot bring more women into the microloan program until we have the funding to cover our current waiting women.

We have had several visitors to Haiti this month and have enjoyed extra fellowship and special provisions they have brought. We love getting to know new friends in ministry that come on teams to Haiti that we get to host for a meal, a trip to the beach, or shopping at the artisan gift shop we have opened in our home. We anticipated and enjoyed hugs from long time friends, were blessed to host an adoptive family taking their new family member home this month as well as Elisabeth’s sister Emilee who has spent a treasured two weeks with us. We are so thankful for these encouraging visits from loved ones new and old.

We are very thankful to be a part of Heart of God International Ministries and look forward to discussing many opportunities to share the heart of God around the world. Eric will be traveling to Cleveland, OH, at the end of this month for this meeting. Please pray for safe travels and opportunities to share Christ, for this meeting with our partners in ministry, and for Elisabeth and the kids in Haiti while Eric is away. Eric will go from this meeting and travel with the Heart of God Haiti Director and his wife to Rochester, NY, for other appointments. The last Wednesday of October, Eric will be speaking at a church where his roommate from college is now pastor. Thank you for your prayers for these planning and preaching meetings.

Next month, Eric will again commence scheduled monthly training of pastors in Haiti. He will continue to serve as director at El Shaddai Learning Center, teach English classes in our neighborhood (Col 4:2-6), preach in churches and serve on the board of Kofael. Your partnership is essential and we could not do what we do without you and your support.

Other needs: We are still praying for full funding in monthly support, funding to be able to purchase a much needed vehicle (halfway there) and also a power source (generator) to have electricity in Haiti. We continue to trust in His faithfulness to sustain us and provide for our needs each day.

Thank you for being part of His faithfulness to us.

Love in Christ,
Eric and Elisabeth
1 John 5:13-14

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