The Gift that Keeps on Giving

“Thanks to the Kofael’s small loan I was able to start a little business and get a good profit that helped me feed my relatives two children. I am praying that KOFAEL can help me with the full business loan so that I can keep helping them.” Soline

Soline is one of our KOFAEL ladies and God is using her to help keep her relatives family together. Our dream is to help her and others like her receive full business loans and we would love for you to partner with us to turn dreams into reality.

Tomorrow, December 1st, is my wife’s birthday and she requested we make a $250 donation in honor of her birthday (an expensive, but rewarding present) to provide a full business loan so that Soline can celebrate answered prayers with us.

Our goal in the next 25 days is to raise $250 a day to provide full loans to each of the 25 waiting women currently in the KOFAEL Port au Prince program. This money will pay it forward as each recipient pays back her 0% interest loan and the money moves forward to help another woman. Your launching gift will be multiplied many times over to keep many families together! In the next 25 days leading up to CHRISTmas we invite you to invest in these precious lives with us by making a tax deductible donation to KOFAEL. We have started day one! Who’s next?

You can learn more about KOFAEL and make your donation to our 25 x 250 goal here. Your gift will not only be multiplied in changing lives, but also in MATCHING MONEY! For every $250 dollar donation to KOFAEL made from December 1st – December 25th, another generous donor will match that with a $250 donation in support of all the Heart of God Haiti programs, up to a maximum of $6,000! We are so excited to have you partner in this investment with us and participate in the challenge to receive the match of $6,000 by December 25th. There may even be someone to match the $6,000 again when we meet our goal. Could that be your family, church, or business? We invite you to share our vision, dream big with us and invest in gifts that keep on giving this Christmas!

Because of His Ultimate Gift,
Eric Ream
2 Cor 9:6-9

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