It’s Messier This Way: Building Relationships through Scabies, Stitches, Sonograms, Surgeries and Salvations

*Warning: This is a long story that just kept getting longer. There are a few graphic images included in the chapters below. If you get queazy easy or don’t like to read, this might not be good one for you.

This is a post about building relationships and the nitty-gritty gross and great stuff that happens in the process. It is about connecting stories and connecting lives. These kids in these stories–you may only get to see their faces on a television screen or a World Vision or National Geographic magazine. We get to see them everyday in the flesh. We see their chronic stress and struggles but also their smiles. Sometimes we feel like changing the channel or picking up a Better Homes and Gardens magazine instead, because it’s hard to see. But we can’t now. Because we know their names and we are learning their stories. Because they are our neighbors and we are supposed to love them as ourselves. Time and again I hear a still small voice whisper, “It’s why you are here.” It’s messier this way. But it’s worth it. Taking out stitches and treating scabies, setting up surgeries and sonogram appointments isn’t really the messy part. It isn’t what makes me cry for them. It is the injustice of it all. That I can find medical care for my son while their mamas can’t. That I can keep all my children together and they can’t. That water flows from our faucet while their children walk for miles to collect the same amount of water I used to wash a few dishes.

Medical-Girls with water bottles on heads
Laika, Edith-Ludline and Saint Aline are the beautiful names of these cousins. These strong little girls collect and carry water on their heads up steep, slippery hills to provide for their large families water needs each day. There is no water for bathing, washing, or drinking available where they live in our village. They are six, seven and eight years old. We first met them last year on a walk around our neighborhood with my kids. We watched as they struggled up the last hill towards their house with their leaking water bottles and offered to help them. That was the beginning of our friendship with these girls and their families.

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