Where God Guides…

Thanks to Lyndsey East for our first photos as a family in the U.S.!

“Where God Guides, He Provides…So Trust God” was the theme of a VBS at one of our special stops this summer spending time and serving with our friends in Crossroads, TN. It has continued as the theme of our summer as God continues to guide us all over the place! We have enjoyed our time with everyone we have been able to see in eleven states and three countries so far! We are so thankful for these relationships and the time so many you of have invested to share your lives with us. God has created us for relationships. He uses relationships at all levels to draw us closer to Him and through that relationship draw us closer to one another. Oh how we wish we’d been able to blog about all the places God has guided and provided for us during our travels in detail. Everyone has been so wonderful. We truly have the best friends and family in the world…all over the world. My grandma who is now with Jesus used to say everything was the best. “He is the best baby! This the best cake! That was the best sermon! Oh honey, it is just the best!” She said that about every baby and every thing she experienced everywhere she went! Everywhere we have been we have felt that it was just the very best. And then we enter another home and that was the best too! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who have loved and served us the past few months! You’re the best!
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Wherever Our Feet May Roam…

Three weeks in the US and three weeks in Haiti have the Ream Team split. I am in Haiti. My family, as many of you know, is in the US. It is difficult to be separated as a family. Part of who I am is in two worlds not far apart geographically, but far apart in every other way. It feels like I have one foot in Haiti and one foot in the USA.

Our family of six traveled to the USA for the first time together after waiting four years to be able to do so. Watching my daughter as the plane started to move brought us all joy and excitement and tears to my eyes.
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