“Can I flush the toilet paper?”…some thoughts, fears, and hopes about coming “home”.

The other night my youngest crawled in bed with me. He had a lot going on inside his little head. We all do right now. “Mommy, I am sad to leave Haiti because I am really going to miss my friends at school. I will miss Daly and Brownie too. I’m scared. What if my friends don’t remember me when I come back? What if our dogs don’t remember us?”

I say, “They will remember you. You are one hard boy to forget!”

“But mommy, my friend Z didn’t remember me when I saw him at the beach. I spent all of Kindergarten and some of first grade with him and he didn’t even know me!”
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We are exactly one month away from our highly anticipated trip to the U.S.A. for the first time as a family of six! We are so excited to be reunited with loved ones and experience new things as a family. The plan is for Eric to be with us for a few weeks and then return to work in Haiti until at least mid May. He will then join our family for our summer furlough and fundraising. Our need and commitment is to return to Haiti sometime around the end of August or early September. We have been working through planning an intensely packed travel schedule that we believe will allow us to connect with both current and hopefully new supporting friends, family, and churches. Our goal is to come back to Haiti fully funded with a support system that will enable us to continue full time ministry in Haiti. Our home is still in Haiti.
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