A Few Hours Remaining to Give in 2014!

To our beloved friends and family,

Our son, Evan, read 3 John this morning and its words gripped my heart and made me think of many of you in the same way. We pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health as it goes well with your soul.

We look forward to 2015 and experiencing incredible joy as we hear from you the amazing stories of your journey in the truth. Thank you for sending us on our journey in a manner worthy of God. We ask you to pray about a year end gift this last day of 2014 to help us begin another year of ministry in Haiti. We also need new financial monthly supporters to encourage us in the New Year as we are currently only meeting 50% of our budget. Your faithful prayers are what matter most!
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Djo’s Kids

Djo (pronounced “Joe”), his wife and their four kids are our neighbors. We pass by their simple gray block house each day and always look to see if their sweet faces are peeking out behind the door. Recently as I was walking by they invited me inside. The house is just as simple on the inside. I pass a little room I’m told is the “depot” where the supplies for Madame Djo’s small business are stored. Djo must have seen my eyes stall in the corner where only a few empty soda cases sat. Looking down he said, “We haven’t been able to sell for awhile.” Next I passed through a floor less, roof less open space that Djo says “isn’t finished yet” which leads to the bed, bath, and kitchen. There is one bedroom for this family of six. Two twin beds, a curio shelf with a small television and stereo were the bulk of its contents. I glance up to see large spaces where the metal roof doesn’t cover the concrete block sides in several places and imagine trying to sleep there during rainy season. The kitchen galley stands between the bedroom and the “twalet” (toilet room). But there is no toilet. There is no sink or shower either. The “twalet” only contains one single bucket sitting on the floor. I expect it to smell bad. But it doesn’t. The house is actually very clean. The “kitchen” contains a metal stand that cooks food over charcoal along with a few pots and pans hanging neatly on the wall. I thank them for showing me their home.
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