MERRY CHRISTMAS! We are celebrating from Haiti again this year and so thankful to be here as we remember all God has done and look forward to another year to serve Him and others around the world!

Ministries continue to grow. We love our mission team at Heart of God and the privilege of working together for the sake of the gospel around the world. Eric continues to teach and disciple Haitian pastors through our mission and our partner ministry at Disciples Village. The July conference that brought both Haitian and American pastors together in Haiti was a huge blessing. Eric has just finished planning and is looking forward to the upcoming March pastor conference with Disciples Village. Doors also are opening for Eric to travel to other countries through our mission organization this year! Keep reading for more ministry and family updates below!

July pastors conference at Disciples Village.

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Reasons for Relocating Continued: Surprises

O Lord, give me the grace to be
Content with what You give to me.
No! More than that, let me rejoice
In all You send me—it’s Your choice!


Last spring when we begin to realize that relocating might become a reality, we just figured we would move all the stuff we needed and sell what would not fit into our downsizing. That is basically what we did but the way God provided for that to happen was our first surprise blessing. Our former guest house had three guest bedrooms, two bathrooms, a second kitchen and living area in addition to our upstairs family quarters that doubled the same. We needed to shed at least half our stuff. Moving things like an 1,800 pound generator, heavy kitchen appliances and beds, unhooking and reinstalling the power and water sources all seemed like  incredibly daunting tasks especially since our vehicle had been down forty percent of the time. We knew we needed to move but how to accomplish moving in Haiti was another matter.

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Reasons for Relocating: Family and Focus

Written by Elisabeth

This time last year we were in the trenches of dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew on many of our friends, neighbors, ministry partners and program participants whom were deeply affected. Prior to the hurricane we had prayed about possibly relocating now that Eric was no longer working at the school in Saint Marc and our children had started the new school year primarily as homeschoolers. We have always liked the noble idea of homeschooling and have attempted a few rounds of it out of necessity in the past. But truthfully, the reality of homeschooling terrifies all of us even under best case scenarios. Even those who are well suited for this brave endeavor find homeschooling in Haiti a daunting task.  We had concerns about how homeschooling would be accomplished with the many unavoidable dilemmas demanding our attention throughout each day and distractions in and around our home. However, we had prayed about whether we should stay and try to make it work and believed that was the right thing to do at that time. Trusting God’s timing is easier said than done. Looking back now, we are in awe of what He had in store, the doors opened and the journey still ahead of us.

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Missing Macdonald


Our Macdonald

Several titles for this news have been forming in my head over the past two months. Perhaps it should have been, “A Kay for Kanna” which would have been a funny-ish post about my goat called Kanna needing a bigger space and us needing a smaller space. I seem to like to shift attention to my pet goat distraction whenever life gets tough and I don’t want to talk about the other more serious things. Serious things abound. So on that note I thought about the title, “Moving Mountains” which would be about the mountain we are moving to and how God has definitely moved mountains to take us there. So now you might have guessed that we are moving. I guess I’m not really good at suspense. But “Moving ____ (insert anything)” doesn’t seem to fit what I want to say either. Maybe because I am so very sick of moving already. Because while we are all very at peace with this move happening, moving isn’t ever peaceful. Is it? I have moved lots and lots of times and no, I don’t believe it is ever a process of peace. Because even if all goes wonderfully well and super smooth (throw a little Haiti in that equation and you pretty much have the opposite of that), there is still the missing. We are very much looking forward to the other side of moving. Lord willing that will be accomplished in the next week. Yet the pros and cons of this decision seem to have vanished in these jam packed days. I still remember the very clear reasons we are moving. I was clearly aware that there would be a lot of missing. Continue reading “Missing Macdonald”

Same Kind of Different–Our Common Struggle

Arab women in the Old City section of Jerusalem

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the backseat of a rental car with my mom in the Arab quarter of Jerusalem. My father needed to mail a parcel and we sat waiting for him outside the post office watching a wealth of diversity pass by. During my time in Israel I was constantly in awe of this diversity; so many people from so many backgrounds and belief systems residing in such a small place. Everyone seemed so very different, and yet much the same. That morning we had breakfast with a Jewish mother and daughter and watched their interactions. Now we sat in the silence of our rental car watching a Muslim mother communicate with her well covered daughter. We observed the obvious differences in dress, mannerisms, languages, etc. and I quietly thought about the different struggles each passerby must face. As I was pondering these things my mother began a story as she so often does.

“Do you remember when we were here in the 90’s and visited our friend who was working as an undercover journalist living in the Old City? When later asked to share her observations of the many struggles Muslim women face she was expected to give a long list of grievances on that subject. But she only said this. ‘All women share the same struggles. In every country our struggles are the same.’

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