When You Walk by the Way (Part 2)

I rose to my alarm clock of roosters and dogs early Monday morning. Eric was getting ready to head out the door to leave for the Port au Prince airport. The boys asked to tag along and I scrambled to find something for their breakfast in a hurry. “Cereal?” “Nope, cause someone forgot to chill the fake boxed milk.” “Oatmeal?” “Too much of that our first year in Haiti”. “Peanut butter and bread?” “Nope, we are out of peanut butter.” “Will it be just bread then?” “Eggs! We have a few eggs!” Scrambled eggs to fit our scrambled lives. Plans had changed this morning. Eric was supposed to be picking up luggage in the cargo van for the Walker’s large team arriving and then waiting with the luggage to pick up our Heart of God team arriving later in the afternoon. However, the polar vortex decided to reroute the schedules of almost everyone this week, even those of us who can’t keep ice from melting in our freezer! Flights were canceled and now the team is coming Sat.-Mon. instead of Mon.-Wed. No problem. We are all about being flexible around here. So Eric and the boys took off and I was left with the girls and our plans to prepare for guests which we could not do because food doesn’t last that long around here, nor does a clean house.
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When You Walk by the Way (Part 1)

A New Year has come. Resolutions have been made and remade once again. We have so many things we are thankful for and look forward to this year. Yet I find myself in quite a grumpy funk only a few days in and my resolutions to love and serve well not going so well. I cannot explain exactly why I am having such a difficult time finding my way out of this funk though it may have something to do with the following (for which I need prayer for patience and endurance and a whole slew of other fruits of the Spirit):
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