We receive mail through MFI (Missionary Flights International) in Florida. We pay a yearly service fee and MFI delivers our mail directly to the MFI office in Haiti where we (or our organization) can pick it up. No special postage is required when sending letters or packages. However, we pay $1.50 per pound for packages once they arrive. If you are sending a package weighing more than 1 lb. please help us by including the shipping fees so that we will be able to afford them. If shipping cost are greater than the cost of purchasing the items in Haiti, we would prefer to purchase in Haiti unless it is a special order item.

Our Haiti address is:

Eric and Elisabeth Ream
3170 Airmans Drive #2146-HGIM
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

You can talk to us on Skype as well. Our Skype address is e6ream. We also have a Skype phone and can call the U.S. from our computer.

We are both on Facebook under Eric Ream and Elisabeth Price Ream. We post updates, pics, and are occassionally available for online chatting through Facebook as well!

Our e-mail addresses are the same as always.

Of course, you can send us a quick email, too, by using the contact form below. There are so many ways to say hi!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! We love to hear from you and pray for you too!

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