Where in the World Will We Be Summer 2017?

Lord, through all generations you have been our home! Psalm 90:1

This verse has been a consistent comfort to us through the years. Three weeks into our intense summer scheduled travels and a tinge of Haiti homesickness has set in. We are so thankful for all the homes that have already opened up to us the past few weeks. We still have a lot of roads and clouds to cross before heading back to Haiti so we’re  just gonna keep on remembering that no matter where we are, the Lord is our home!

The Israelites would have walked through the desert here at Qumran where their only ‘home’ was the Lord.

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Hurricane Matthew Relief and Rebuild Update!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to the many friends, family and churches who reached deep into your pockets and prayed hard for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Those on the ground in Haiti are still catching our breath after so much loss but we have been so encouraged by the outpouring of care, concern and community that has truly wrapped their arms around Haiti and sought only the best ways to help Haiti move forward.

We want you to know that Heart of God Haiti has received all the funding needed to help in the ways we believe God has led us to in these situations and we give God the glory for such amazing provision! We at Heart of God Haiti are doing our best to use each penny raised to help as many people as possible, using as many resources directly from Haiti as possible, and helping relief and rebuilding efforts in the least harmful and most sustainable ways possible. Thank YOU for helping us make this possible!

The most dire needs were/are in the South where our Haitian friends and KOFAEL partners Frantz, Figaro, and Roselie all have immediate family members. We (through Heart of God Haiti and donations sent specifically to help these hurricane victims) helped them load up with food, water, and medical supplies and the finances to purchase more in the initial week after Matthew hit Haiti.

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Jwaye Nwèl-Merry Christmas 2016

The King of Heaven and Earth left his glorious abundance and came to us as a baby born in a cave. That’s as high and as low as it gets. He didn’t start out at the bottom and earn his way to the top. He left the top to come down to the very bottom. Just as the Word made flesh humbly and graciously came down to us, we are continually discovering his invitation to do the same. We want our days to be spent with this eternal perspective making the most of every opportunity. We give God glory for all that he has faithfully accomplished this past year and eagerly anticipate how he will grow us and the ministries we are privileged to partner with in Haiti and around the world in the year to come!

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Siklòn Saga

Places mentioned in this post where we are working to help hurricane victims include St. Marc, Port au Prince, Les Cayes and Chantal.
Places mentioned in this post where we are working to help hurricane victims include St. Marc, Port au Prince, Les Cayes and Chantal.

Warning! Warning! “Siklòn ap vini!” A few days have passed since we went around our Haiti neighborhood and warned our friends and neighbors of the coming “siklon” we all are now too familiar with as Hurricane Matthew. We begged one family who live in a stick house on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean to please store their belongings at a nearby neighbor’s concrete house and come shelter at our home with us. We and other missionary friends in our area and all over Haiti prepared ourselves, helped others prepare, warned and warned again and waited. The wait was long and hard as Matthew took his time in coming. We thought about Noah’s long wait and warnings for people to get themselves in gear and get on the ark. How in the world did he handle that for that long? The waiting became more than just heightened anxiety because it caused many to not heed warnings as they assumed the sunny skies and slight joke of a rain that had fallen earlier in the day meant the siklòn was no longer a threat. They must not have been receiving the every other minute messages of weather news reports for two days straight like we were! Night came and all was calm (other than our phones which were still buzzing thanks to Page Wells). Elfina and her four children had not bothered to heed the warning either. Even if her house miraculously survived, we did not want to risk the baby who has hydrocephalus getting wet and sick before his long awaited life saving surgery scheduled this next week. Eric drove up to their house and woke them up. He would not take no for an answer and carried little bare bottoms to the car secretly hoping they would hold their pee. They stayed with us for two days and we had a great time sheltering them from the storm.  We read the Jesus Storybook Bible in Creole, prayed together, let them try pizza for the first time, the kids played with our kids toys and just rode out the storm under a dry roof. We are thankful to have had that time with this sweet family while safe in our home and have the chance to talk about the warnings God gives. Are we listening?

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