What do you do when…

What do you do when…
You have 4 children
(2 of which don’t speak much English)
and they are bored
because it is raining outside
and there is no such thing as a tv
and the batteries ran down on the Leapster
and the power is off so the computer died
and you are trying to cook dinner
but 4 children are all around you in the kitchen 
and they want to eat every food item in sight!
Well, I don’t know what you do 
(if this ever happens to you)

But we…
Make ji! 
We make ji (juice) with lots of limes, water, and sugar!

Here is the ji we made Friday night.

And then we did it all over again on Sat. morning!

And everyone kept busy…
And liked making and drinking our ji!

Want some?

And just so you know…all those limes were premeditated, prewashed, and prepared for such a time as this! And just so you know…all these cute pics of swimming, smiling kids hugging each other and having a great time isn’t always the reality around here. But we are making do with what we have and this week it was limes! We are thankful for your prayers for the transition time for our family and it has truly been great! But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t had hard moments. Moments when we don’t know what to do. Moments when I didn’t have a premeditated bag of limes ready and waiting. Moments when I want to run and hide and read the Connected Child 50 more times! We believe that our previous trips to Haiti have allowed for the amazing bond we have with our adoptive girls. They are doing really great and so are our boys! However, we have many many issues to overcome that limes will never solve. Now that we have had some really awesome family bonding time, we are ready to get to work on the issues we do see (while knowing there are many more waiting to surface from the depths of pain in our girls hearts). We don’t know when we will be able to have the girls from week to week, and so working on issues is difficult at this point, but we are praying that whatever time we have with them will be well spent working on the heart issues for all of us. We would appreciate your continued prayers that we will seek God’s heart in all of these things and for His grace to get through each day (with or without limes)!

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