Mèsi May!

We are giving thanks (mèsi) for a great first week of May! Here are some of the highly anticipated happenings we were blessed with this week! 

May 1st is a holiday in Haiti and there was no work or school. So we headed to the beach with another family and their 6 kids to enjoy eachother, the beach of course, and spend some time visiting other dear friends that live out there. Eric has been teaching our girls how to swim and we are proud to report that they are now swimming on their own in the deep end! While Eric was busy with swim lessons, I got to spend some time with dear friends talking Haiti orphan and adoption politics, and sharing struggles and encouragement with one another. Then we headed to the orphanage our friend Heather runs and we were reunited with some of the little ones we love and pray for. There are four babies that are currently in need of temporary foster care in order to wean them back to health. Our friend Whitney (who is a nurse) has committed to taking one of the babies for the next month before they leave for the states. I was asked to help find others currently living in Haiti who would be able and willing to help meet this need for the remaining three babies. If anyone knows of anyone interested please let us know. 
We headed home from the beach and apparently EVERYONE else in Haiti was celebrating May 1st as well. It took us four hours to get home. Our car was surrounded by thousands and there was simply no getting through. But we eventually did (after a bottle was filled with pee and pants were soaked by those that don’t have bottle peeing skills)…but that was not one of our highly anticipated events. Just threw that in as an extra thankfulness that the road did not go on forever and the party finally ended. That was all on May 1st! 

May 2nd was also a great day (even though it was a work and school day)! Our RCE, Intl. (Resourcing Christian Education, International) mission reps were in Haiti to check out Quisqueya Christian School and meet our family! We had a meeting in our home where they were able to share the vision of RCE with other teachers that may be able to benefit from this ministry as we have. We are so blessed to be on the RCE team and had a wonderful time learning even more about RCE, hearing John and Brett’s stories from their travels around the world and just being so encouraged by their visit!

May 3rd we got to step out onto the brand new soccer field that has been under construction for many months! We will not miss the clouds of dust that made their way into our house and ruined all our kids clothes, nor the machinery that was previously there. We’ve heard there once was grass but the field space was used after the earthquake and the grass was never seen again. No need of grass now! We have played on the field every day since! We are so excited about the future opportunities the new soccer field will bring both for Quisqueya and our Haiti community. Mèsi Jezi for this wonderful provision!

Elita Marguerite (shown) and Esmée brave the deep end!
We got to try out these new water trampoline things.

After beachtime the day just got better when we got to see some precious babies we love.
Esmée with Mercy (one of Giving Hope’s hydrocephalus babies) our family has been praying for.
Praise the Lord that Mercy is doing much better!
Please pray for little Daniel.
He is one of the babies in need of fostering.
The other three are currently in the hospital.

RCE, Intl. reps treated us to our first taste of Chinese food in Haiti!

We are very excited about our new backyard!
Wanna come play?