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Haitian Upgrade

Thank you Meadth family for the pics of the whole house! Not too scary huh? There’s a reason I didn’t post pics of the inside. Except for the potty. Thought you should know that we shall be spoiled by indoor plumbing. Let’s just say my brain is in decorator heaven. I am determined that this will be home sweet home! This is Elisabeth talking…in case you were thinking Eric and the boys care about curtains. That is…if we can find a way to get our stuff to Haiti. We thought we would be able to send a bunch of stuff with our friend traveling to FL last week that was shipping a load to her school in Haiti. I spent two days space bagging and packing all we would be able to fit on top of the mini van. Then tragedy struck (tragic to decor land anyways). The company our friend rented the van from didn’t have one available with a top rack (for us to secure our top carrier with all our stuff in it). Boo. Hoo. From that moment on I have noticed every mini van on the road. I notice very few that do not have racks on the top. Gotta. Get. Past. This. Soooo…what to do now? We have no idea. Pa gen anyen. Thats “nada” in Creole. We have no time left to drive our stuff to FL ourselves so that it can be shipped to Haiti. This is the only way we know to get it there. Unless a few friends want to tag along on the plane? If you are someone traveling to Haiti in the near future, would you consider taking some stuff for us? Any ideas welcome!