KOFAEL is an organization that Elisabeth has assisted Haitian friends in growing the past year and is in the process of trying to meet administration needs including starting/reporting on Kofael’s blog, researching financial options to further serve the organization (looking into starting a 501c3), future website, Haitian goverment paperwork, etc. What a blessing it has been getting to be here in Haiti with the women, getting to know them, learning from them, and seeking to encourage them (though they always encourage us even more). Ankourajman (“encouragement” in Creole) is what the most recent blog post is about. Please check out Elisabeth’s latest post on the Kofael blog at

If you are interested in learning more about Kofael and helping with current specific and/or ongoing needs please e-mail Elisabeth at 

Thank you to Lisa Evans who helped me get the blog up and running when we were having internet difficulties doing so here in Haiti! 

And a big thank you to our friends who donated to the school drive last month!

Smiles of encouragement!