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Monthly Prayer and Financial Support Partners
Currently we have raised only 1/3 of the full financial monthly support we need to be able to sustain us in Haiti long term. One time donations (which bring the averaged monthly support level to 50%) have helped to keep us afloat the past three years in Haiti. Please visit our DONATE PAGE for info on how to sign up to partner with us!


Teachers to come and serve at El Shaddai Learning Center in St. Marc, Haiti
The Christian school Eric helps direct and where our four children attend in Haiti always has a need for native English speakers (primarily American/Canadian) to come and volunteer for a semester, school year, or longer. Classes are taught in English using an accredited U.S. curriculum (A.C.E) that students complete at their own pace. Requirements for foreign (non-Haitian) teachers include graduation from high school or equivalent but do not require a college teaching degree. The school is run by our friends at Touch Ministries (click for link). We work alongside this ministry for the benefit of our students and their families and the fruit that flows out of these ministries in St. Marc.

Sharing airline miles with us
We are always blessed by anyone who has American Airline Miles they are not needing to use or are willing to give us to meet travel expense needs as they arise. The best way to do this is to purchase the ticket yourself for us on miles (verses donating or transferring miles) and we will reimburse you for any taxes and fees associated with the ticket. Please let us know if you have accrued AA miles (a minimum of 12,500-35,000 is needed to purchase any ticket) that you will not be using before they expire. *We usually fly American because they have the most flights coming in and out of Haiti and we also acquire miles through them to obtain free flights as much as possible. However, both Delta and Jet Blue also fly to Haiti and we may be able to use miles through them as well.


The following is a list of small items that those coming to visit and/or serve in Haiti short term may want to bring for themselves (and share with us) if you have any extra room in your suitcases! These things are all expensive and difficult to find in Haiti (usually impossible to find in St. Marc).

  • Shake/smoothie mix
  • Granola bars
  • Instant oatmeal packs
  • Starbucks Via Ready Brew instant coffee (Columbian is favorite flavor)
  • Just add water soup mixes
  • Just add water pancake mixes
  • Pistachios (we like them in shells)
  • Almonds and mixed nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Kids squeeze applesauce
  • Candy (chocolate and gummy candy are our favs)
  • Protein bars
  • Canned chicken (We love canned chicken…please bring canned chicken if nothing else!)
  • Tuna fish in the flat pack sealed packages (family and individual sizes)
  • Salsa in large plastic containers
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
  • Olive Garden Dressing
  • Coconut Oil (organic and unrefined preferable)
  • Quinoa
  • Chia seeds
  • Cheese (if you can manage brining it in the same day without it melting)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Clorox Wipes for cleaning
  • Bug Spray
  • Laundry stain remover
  • Young Living Essential Oils (especially the Thieves Household Cleaner which we use in abundance)
  • Spray waterproof sunscreen
  • Makeup for Elisabeth (they don’t carry much white people makeup here)
  • Deodorant (Secret Clear Gel is our favorite…even Eric)
  • Batteries (usually AA, AAA, and D are what we need most)
  • Kitchen towels and washcloths
  • Batteries (usually AA, AAA, and D)
  • Good swim goggles
  • Music CD’s, movie DVD’s, Wii games, DSi games, iTunes and Google cards

Note: We always love to receive care packages in the mail. However, in addition to the cost you pay for mailing we pay for the weight of whatever you shipped to us in order to receive it. The cost to us is $1.60 per pound. Sometimes when we add up the cost to both you and us it ends up being more than what we would have spent to purchase the items in Haiti.  So unless it is a necessary item we cannot find in Haiti that we request specifically, we ask that these things only be brought by those coming to visit Haiti who have extra room in their bags. Thank you! 

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